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Two timelines, two planets 500 million years apart, collide in a cosmic battle of mythical proportions.

On Earth, a solar flare has left society fully dependent on Luna Inc., a misanthropic tech giant that harvests bioenergy from humans to power everything, from devices to the ever-present AI network.

When teen genius Elliot makes a discovery that threatens the status quo, Luna deploys a duo of bioandroids to terminate him. Teaming up with rebel Aviva, Elliot embarks on a quest to take down Luna and save humanity.

Meanwhile, ten miles under the ruins of a once famous planetary capital of Venus, lives young scientist Neev. To avoid bullies, she hasn't left her dwelling in months, and the only thing keeping her sane is her work to avoid the demise of the entire civilization in a volcanic cataclysm. When she meets a mystic, Neev has to learn to set aside her rational mind and trust her heart before it’s too late.

The Matrix meets Dune meets The Da Vinci Code.


In 1989 Czechoslovakia, Nela discovers her mother, a powerful Creatrix, is alive in the U.S. With the ability to unleash energy vortexes, she embarks on a perilous journey. Pursued by a childhood crush turned secret agent, Nela unravels family secrets, uncovers her true identity, and battles a global demonic cult that has infiltrated the highest places. Join her thrilling quest for reunion and the fate of the world.

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