What is Kindle Vella?

Kindle Vella is a serialized storytelling platform by Amazon that allows authors to publish and share their stories in short, episodic installments. It offers an interactive reading experience, where readers can unlock episodes using "Tokens" and engage with the author and other readers through likes, comments, and follows. If you enjoy bite-sized, immersive fiction, Kindle Vella is the perfect platform to explore and discover new stories.

Why do you publish on Kindle Vella?

Publishing on Kindle Vella offers a unique and engaging experience for both authors and readers alike. As a former blogger, I find immense joy in releasing my novels week by week, episode by episode, as it allows me to connect with my audience in a more interactive way. Sharing my work on Kindle Vella gives readers an exclusive early look into what I'm currently working on, fostering a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Moreover, I've noticed that my writing output is of higher quality when I know it's going directly to Kindle Vella instead of staying confined to my hard drive. The serialized format encourages me to focus on crafting captivating episodes, leaving readers eager for more. Rest assured, my stories on Kindle Vella are not first drafts; I have dedicated time and effort to refine them, having worked on both Creatix and Hydra for several years before deciding to publish them on the platform. By choosing Kindle Vella, I aim to share polished, well-crafted narratives that will keep readers coming back for each new installment.

Will “Hydra” and/or “Creatrix” be available as books?

Absolutely! Both "Hydra" and "Creatrix" will eventually be available in various formats for readers to enjoy. Once the serialization on Kindle Vella is complete, the plan is to release these stories as complete books in different formats, including paperback, hardback, audiobook, and ebook. This allows readers who prefer traditional book formats or audiobooks to experience the stories in their preferred way. Rest assured, the tales you love from Kindle Vella will have a life beyond the platform, ensuring accessibility and enjoyment for a wider audience. Stay tuned for updates on their release in different formats! Sign up for my newsletter, and I will notify you!

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